April 9, 2014

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How Important Are Responsive Websites?

The latest thing that designers are urging website owners to do is to be certain that they have responsive websites. What does it mean to have a responsive site? This term simply means that the site has been constructed so it looks and functions well on all types of web-enabled devices.

Some types of devices could be personal computers, laptops, tablet computers, and even smartphones. As you can imagine, a site that has been designed to look and function well on a large HD monitor might not work well at all on a small smartphone. This can be a big problem for you and your business.

Why Is Responsive Design Very Important?

Just a few years ago, almost everybody browsed the Internet with a desktop computer. Of course, even then there were many different monitors and screen resolutions set, so it was important to test site designs on a variety of monitors. The next major move was towards using laptops. Some laptops have fairly large monitors, but some are very small. Again, designers had to go back and test their site designs to be sure they looked good on several different types of monitors that laptop or desktop computer users might have.

Phone And Handled Users Are Growing!

These days, a larger and larger percentage of Internet users are accessing sites from a variety of different handheld devices. These include tablets, smartphones, and even web-enabled e-readers. If your website design is not responsive, it might not work when your potential customers or clients try to find you with their new devices. Internet users are not very patient, and if they cannot use your site on the machine they have, they may very well turn to one of your competitors

How Can You Make Your Site Responsive So You Don’t Lose Customers?

If you already know that your site does not work well on smaller devices, you know you need to do something. If you have no idea how your site looks on a smaller device, it is time to check it out.

These are some ways that you can create a responsive website:

— Hire a web designer to redesign your site from scratch.
— Detect the device that is used to access your site show a different theme for handhelds.
— Get a responsive theme that already handles all of this for you automatically.

The right solution depends on your needs and budget. If your site design is well-tested for personal computers and laptops, it might be a good idea to create a handheld version. SEO Web Magic stressed; if you it is time to redesign your site to meet current needs, it might be a good idea to simply add responsive design into your renovation project. The way that you solve the problem depends on your needs, and the important thing is that you address the problem.

Many sites were only designed to look good on larger computer monitors, and they are difficult to read when access from handheld devices.

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