April 12, 2014

Lead Generation For Australian Tradesmen

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Tradesmen from the building industry, in particular, tend to have a poor reputation when it comes to following up phone inquiries, quotes etc. It’s no secret that most small business folks start a business in an area they are skilled in. They can do the work no problem, however, the management and marketing of the business is something that falls by the wayside and many of these small businesses fail within the first year of getting started.

lead generation

Paperwork getting you down?

Most tradies would welcome just being able to get on with the job and not be bogged down with paperwork, marketing, customer servicing etc.

A new service is assisting Australian trades with one of the most important functions of any business and that is lead generation, without which a business is going to crash and burn very quickly.

The best leads are those that are supplied exclusively to the business and not be shared with other businesses in the same industry. Having to compete with 4 or 5 other businesses for the same lead, paying $10 to $20 per lead and missing out every time, is soul destroying.

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