February 15, 2015

The Case for SEO in 2018 and Beyond

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One of the most effective forms of advertising a company can engage in today is the use of search engine optimisation or SEO. SEO is the practice of optimising a website to rank in the search results for various search phrases. It is an art form, and managing the right blend of keyword research, content, on-page optimisation and off-page optimisation is a key to being effective in 2015 and beyond.

SEO has gotten a bad reputation the past few years due to all the changes that search engines have done to their search algorithm. The search engines are trying to weed out all the garbage listings, so their results are not tainted. Search results are their primary product, and if they get a reputation for showing bad results, visitors will go elsewhere. So, you can not blame them for doing everything they can to keep their results as clean as possible.

Despite all these changes, there are still things that can be done to help a website rank highly in the search results. The reward is that you will have a laser targeted form of advertising. This form of advertising brings customers to you rather than you have to use expensive means to go find customers.


One of the first things you want to do with SEO is to develop a proper keyword strategy. You need to think about the keywords you want to go after. In order to get started with this, you need to get inside the head of a potential customer. It is best to sit down and brainstorm all the various things a prospect may type in the search engine when looking for your product.

Once you have a baseline of words, you can plug those into various keyword tools like Google’s Keyword tool to get back hundreds of variations of phrases; you may contact this local company for more details.

These key phrases can form the basis of your content creation and link building campaign that comes in later steps. But, this first step of keyword research should not be ignored.

Once you have your listing of keywords, you can use those to decide what articles you want to write about. Some may take their list of keywords and find out which ones have the most search volume. Others will just start writing content with all the keywords they can. If you plan on doing this for the long haul, there is no wrong way to do it. Just do not stuff each piece of content with the same phrase over and over. Make each article a theme and use variations of the word in the article. The search engines are smart enough to pick up on what the article is about.

Be sure to interlink the content. If one article references something in another article, use a link to reference the other article. This builds up a good internal link structure that is a good ranking factor for the search engines.

The time you spend on your site is probably the most important SEO task you can do these days. But, there is still some value to link building. Just do not overdo it. If you do, there is a good chance you will be penalized, and possible even blacklisted from the search engines.

SEO is the most powerful form of advertising available to businesses. It levels the playing fields and allows the small businesses to compete with larger businesses when it comes to marketing. It focuses on buying phases rather than just playing the numbers games that are used by traditional advertising like TV and radio.

August 15, 2014

SEO Is Important, But Should Appear Natural

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Businesses can spend a lot of money setting up a website. However, unless the site attracts traffic, then it is pretty useless. For those that have an advertising budget, then bringing in traffic is not a problem, but, free traffic is always better than paid. Most online sites have to rely on organic traffic. That is traffic which comes from the search engines via their results. This is 100% free, but the downside is that a site needs to rank well for the keywords it relates to. This is where search engine optimization comes into play.

Optimizing a website for the search engines is pretty easy, although some websites will make it sound complicated. Problems arise though when it comes to having the available time to do SEO, and this is when it is often best to hire a professional. The first part of optimization is the website itself. It must have meta tags, such as the title of the page, and a description. These are very important, as they are what the search engines use for listing the site. Internal linking is also important, both for user experience and for the search engines, you may refer this website for there isĀ more information here.

Once the site has been optimized, then it is time to start getting backlinks to the site. A number of so-called guru’s will say that social signals now play a big part in rankings. These include such things as Facebook likes. However, Mat Cutts of Google has recently come out and stated that social signals are not included in their algorithms. So, at the moment they are not worth bothering with. That does not mean that a Facebook page should not be utilized for attracting traffic though.

What Google does use for determining where a site appears in its rankings are backlinks. These are the links that come from third-party sites. Although they are expected to appear naturally over time, most webmasters tend to be proactive and do some backlinking themselves. What Google wants these days is natural linking, so it is no longer a good idea to go and buy backlinks in bulk. Search engines have also clamped down on link networks, so it is best to leave them well alone as well.

Although basic search engine optimization is relatively easy to do, it can take a long time, especially when it comes to backlinking. These days, it is important that they are done manually and have conversionĀ tracking as well.