March 17, 2017

Divorce Lawyers And The Work They Do

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The law practice relating to divorce attorneys or lawyers is mainly focused on representing clients that are either contemplating or have decided to dissolve their marriage. Dependent on the case type along with how complex it is, there are numerous tasks that divorce lawyers may be required to perform. These can include assisting on how to divide the assets, child-custody arrangements, and settling of child and spousal support issues. Due to the personal issues and high emotions typically involved in a divorce case, the area of divorce law is often emotionally taxing and a difficult practice area.

What Does A Divorce Lawyer Do?

The job description of a divorce attorney or lawyer involves spending workdays drafting documents, communicating with their clients, representing clients in court and consulting with any other professionals associated with the case.

Divorce lawyers like Geoff Gallagher of Tweed Head’s legal firm Save U Legal, spend the majority of their time communicating with a client to gather information regarding the case in association to motions along with paperwork that the lawyer will need to draft and then file. Over and above these tasks divorce lawyers are required to discuss results from hearings and then strategise the following steps to divorcefollow in a case.

Due to high emotions that are typically linked with divorce cases, the communication that occurs with clients is often somewhat protracted. This requires that a divorce lawyer needs to be experienced in managing and scheduling client meetings. These meetings are either conducted through a telephone call or in person.

Divorce lawyers spend a large portion of their time drafting the documents for different cases which will include the correspondence with the opposing counsel and the client. Other tasks involve motions which can include a temporary motion associated with custody, who will occupy the “marital” home and child support.

Divorce lawyers are also required to perform the tasks of drafting replies to any motions and paperwork that has been filed by an opposing divorce attorney or lawyer. The consultation that occurs with any other professionals is often a key element in many divorce cases, especially when the case is recognized as complex. Divorce lawyers may be required to meet with accountants, social workers, psychologist and in many cases other attorneys.

Even the uncomplicated and straightforward divorces will necessitate that the divorce lawyer will need to appear in court. When preparing for every court appearance, a divorce lawyer will need to communicate with his or her client along with any other professionals. The lawyer will also need to spend the necessary time in preparing what they will say in the courtroom.

Law students who have decided to pursue the career of a divorce lawyer should know that they will need to be prepared to work in challenging and fast-paced environments. The lawyer will also need to be able to emphasize with their clients and be a great listener. In preparing for the career of a divorce lawyer or attorney, the law student should be taking elective classes like Family Law or any other class types associated with custody, mediation, marital property, and divorce.